Meeta Hans Reviews


"Coaching gave me a safe space to share everything which had all along been going round and round  in my head  at a difficult period in my life.  It gave me a sense of relief.  It made me feel safer and to realise my self worth. It helped me get to where I am.  When I came It wasn’t me, I was lost and did not know what to do – I am myself now. Thank you"  ( 7 sessions)

"I always thought there is a physiological reason for my  disturbed sleep. Coaching  conversations helped me understand that my  disruptive sleep  pattern started with the birth of my first child.  Children don’t need me in the same way as they did two decades ago.  I now understand I have to let go. My disruptive sleep  is a learnt pattern so I have confidence that I can I unlearn it and create a new pattern.  Coaching did not just help me with my sleeping issue but generated new insight into myself as a parent. Though I am taking the medicine to be able to get the pattern back, I am relying on my knowledge and techniques learnt to sustain a sound  good  night’s sleep ." ( 6  Sessions)

"The opportunity for health coaching  came to me at a time  of  emotional pain. I felt lost.  The experience of being listened to without being judged  set me off  on my journey to heal myself.  I became aware that the  brain cannot differentiate between thoughts and reality, and in ruminating on my  turbulent past events my body and mind were responding as if they are occurring now.  Through coaching I learnt to manage my thoughts,  acquire skills to calm  my mind, and am developing a mind-set   that is helpful to my recovery and my ability to manageactive and reactive triggers. I have gained in confidence. What coaching did was to  help me put into practice what I already knew and  add to my tool kit  to get my life back.  My journey will  continue  beyond the sessions." ( 6 sessions)