New Appointment System starting 5th December 2022

Having listened to patient feedback, we are pleased to let you know that we will shortly be changing our appointment booking system so that the majority of appointments are pre-bookable up to 2 weeks in advance. There will also be a choice of telephone or face to face appointments. These appointments are available to book online via the Ask First app, or via reception. If you are able to use the app, please do, as this helps to free up our busy phone lines for people who are not able to use the app or need to make other enquiries.  

Please ask at Reception for help on how to download and / or navigate the App's and Ask First.

There will still be on the day appointments available for URGENT concerns - these can only be booked by phoning or attending the practice in person on the day, and will initially be a triage telephone call with the duty doctor, who will then arrange in person assessment if needed. The receptionist will ask you for a brief summary of the reason for your booking and a few questions to confirm that the problem needs to be dealt with the same day - they may, with the guidance of the clinical team, offer you a pre-booked appointment in the near future if this is appropriate. This is to ensure that we always have on the day appointments available for acute urgent problems, such as new infections. 

We may also suggest an appointment with different members of our experienced clinical team rather than the duty doctor eg our mental health worker, the physiotherapy direct referral service, our clinical pharmacist. 

Test results are available via the NHS App else please call the surgery after 2pm for them, staff will not be able to give out results in the mornings. 

We hope this will help you to access appointments in a timely fashion when you need them, across our whole clinical team. As always, we welcome constructive feedback on the changes. 

Prescription request should be made electronically (VIA NHS App) or through your nominated Pharmacy. We do not accept prescription request by email or telephone.

Please make any referral queries between 2.00-4.00pm 

Please make any prescription queries after 10.00am



Published: Dec 2, 2022