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by Mrs J Sweeney gave The Westwood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Extremely efficient and thorough.Dr is fantastic

I couldn't recommend this surgery enough. I have had ongoing medical condition for years and anytime an issue arises Westwood surgery have been great. In particular one Dr. Nothing is too much trouble and they are definately a get the job done person. Recently I had an issue with Darenth Valley hospital and Dr made sure I was taken care of; personally calling me the next day to check I was ok. If I ever have any concerns I know it will be dealt with quickly, professionally with the upmost dignity. My only issue i have is my repeat prescriptions are sometimes messed up but im not sure if thats the surgery or my chemist (chemist blames the surgery). I know sometimes it's difficult to get an appointment as Westwood surgery but its not suprising with so many patients wanting to be seen by a great team, knowing I can be seen at its partnered surgery in Bexleyheath is helpful. I must also mention the nursing staff at the surgery are also great, very friendly and also good at their job. Seeing them in a triage appointment is great knowing if the problem requires a doctor they will call them in for advise. Thank you Westwood surgery for your many years of help and a special thanks to Dr.

Visited in October 2016, Posted on 25 January 2017

by John2goa gave The Westwood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent service

I recently visited the surgery without a prior appointment and used the morning walkin service. I was quickly seen by the Dr who gave me a through exmination and arraigned a appointment within 24 hours at the TIA clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich. The Westwood surgery also gave me follow up appointments along with follow up appointments at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I cannot fault Any of the service I recived from the NHS.

Visited in December 2016, Posted on 04 January 2017

by AMitchell gave The Westwood Surgery a rating of 5 stars

A simple Thank You

I would like to thank the Westwood Surgery for their help over the past few weeks. My daughter has been ill for a few weeks now and during this time also had to spend 5 days in hospital. The Dr we saw at the beginning listened to her , gave her the time to explain how she was feeling and tried to help by offering advice along with the necessary prescriptions. I had to call the surgery numerous times over this illness and every member of staff i spoke to was always helpful and curteous. I got the calls from Doctors when i asked for them and they helped to reassure us in this worrying time. At the end of the day it was nothing life threatening (thank goodness) but we were always listened to, helped and guided. Never once were we made to feel a nuisance by all of the calls etc
The Doctors we saw and spoke to had a lovely manner , had patience, were friendly whilst being professional . At the end of the day we could not of asked for anything more from any of the staff there so a big thank you.

Visited in October 2016, Posted on 26 October 2016