Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants

Our practice nurses are Janine Day, Pamela Ebirien-Agana and Debbie Hobdell. Our Assistant Practitioner is Kayleigh Carman and our Healthcare Assistant is Fiona Conway. All new patients are required to see one of them as soon as possible after joining the Practice, to ensure that they are up to date with their vaccinations, cervical smears etc, and to collect as much information as possible while we wait for the medical records to arrive from the previous surgery. 

The Practice Nurse runs clinics for Influenza vaccination starting every October, and throughout the year they provide travel advice for patients going abroad, and vaccinations such as Typhoid, Hepatitis and Tetanus.

Janine runs chronic disease managment clinics for patients with diabetes and asthma. Debbie is our smoking cessation advisor. They also manage leg ulcers and wound dressings.