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Services We Provide

Westwood Surgery is proud to offer these services for different medical conditions, you may be referred to these clinics by our Reception Team or you can request an appointment by asking reception. 


Annual Over-75 Year Checks
All patients who are over 75 and do not already attend the surgery for an annual review are encouraged to book a health check with the nurse in line with their month of birth. The nurse will provide assessment and screening of your health and social care issues based on questions and measurements. Following this, you will receive personalised advice and if needed, an onward referral or signposting to appropriate support services. 

Asthma/ COPD/ Lung Function Tests Appointments

Blood Pressure Monitoring
We have blood pressure machines in the waiting rooms of both our surgeries, just ask reception to show you how to use them. You can discuss your blood pressure management with our nurses and clinical pharmacist

Cervical Smears
See more information on the Jo's Trust website and on the NHS website

Coronary Heart Disease Monitoring

Diabetes Monitoring
When you have diabetes, you’re entitled to certain checks, tests and services to help you get the care you need – like your HbA1c blood test. These checks help to prevent serious diabetes complications.
Learn more on Diabetes UK

Family Planning & Sexual Health Services
We offer a full range of contraceptive services including: the implant, Mirena and copper intrauterine devices, depo injection, combined pill, progesterone only pill (mini pill), ring, patch, caps and diaphragms, condoms and fertility awareness. 
Find information about Family Planning & Sexual Health

Holiday/Travel Vaccinations
Not Yellow Fever

New Patient Health Checks

NHS Health Checks
What is an NHS Health Check?

Weight Management Appointments
Including Exercise Referral

Minor Surgery Clinics & Joint Injections

Routine Vaccination
Influenza - B12 injections

Child Immunisations
Vaccinations and when to have them

Dressings and Removal of Stitches

HRT Appointments

Health and Wellbeing Coaching
If you want to be able to play a greater role in managing your health condition, health coaching could be for you. 
Find information about Health and Wellbeing Coaching